This is a secret. This accounting fraud is protected. The public is not. They are above the law. They will destroy you if you try to expose their accounting. In 25 years not one authority has attempted to expose their accounting for our family or protect our family. Not one. They are ruthless. Their signature cover is to divide, destabilize, and disempower, the family they victimize. All they need is secrecy and your trust. The public should know how they work.

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The purpose of this web site is to try to get the attention of a just power with a background in accounting, who would do whatever it takes to expose the accounting trails of the CPA Joanne Barnes and the attorney Edward White (hereafter referred to as "the accountants") at Book 467 page 191 (pdf) in the public record, and find out where the money (pdf) went.

Does anyone know anyone in the Washington, DC area, such as a journalist with a background in accounting, who would do this? They would get a story. If a journalist published the patterns that he or she would find in exposing bk467p191, the public, and especially the accountant's other clients, could compare those patterns with what they might have experienced, and the more people who recognize the patterns and come forward, the better the chances of recognition.

I don't understand why exposure has been impossible within the established structure; if it had been possible, this web site, unusual because of the unusual circumstances, would not be necessary. I don't understand why the 1994 (pdf) and 2000 (pdf) "Exceptions to the Commissioner's Report" disappeared from the records. What is it that makes the accountants not have to be accountable?

The minimum requirements needed to understand the accountants patterns and this web site are (1) a basic understanding of accounting principals; such as recognizing that judgments have to be based 100% on exposing the accounting trails and 0% on power or anything else, (2) recognizing the significance of the known accounting entanglement trail 1,475.97 - 816.00 = 659.97 (pdf), (3) recognizing how the 545,820.00 (pdf) disappeared, and (4) lots of time. I do not believe the accountant's patterns will be believed, much less that they could gotten away with, unless the reader learns to recognize and connect the dots themselves. The learning curves and the acceptance curves are long, difficult, and frustrating to infuriating. If Bk467p191 can't be exposed in this twentieth year of trying, I believe it's fair to say that it can't be done, and the documents in this web site would have to be used to show the accountant's patterns.

The sale of our remaining family property, http://www.alexandriavirginia15acres.com , has been on hold for nineteen years because the accountants have taken covert control of it through their accounting entanglements and other tools. History suggests that they will use these controls to overtly takeover the property when the family and the property are vulnerable; such as after a sales contract is signed and before settlement. I don't understand why the 1992 deed (pdf) for this property, prepared by the law firm of MWB&B, is not recognized, or why there are conflicting documents of the last transfer of ownership in the records (pdf), or why whatever that was fixed (pdf) in the records in 1985-1986 is still unknown. History suggests that these conflicts in the records, known and unknown, will be used to create conflict in the family and our family cannot withstand another onslaught by the accountants using a trusting, fear driven, innocent family member to carry out their covert instructions.

Our family is innocent and needs protection and the only remedy is in making Bk467p191 transparent. Opaque is fatal.
Anthony O'Connell, Trustee

After I posted this web site on Match 31, 2012, I was sent a lien for $27,669.42, a Summons to be replaced as Trustee, an Injunction, a Notice to appear in Court, and an Order to appear in Court. The accounting trails at bk467p191 in the public record remain concealed as of March 2, 2013. Someone, such as a journalist, should tell the public, especially the accountant's present and past clients, how the accountants work. I wish someone had told our family. A simpler version of http://www.canweconnectthedots.com is http://www.judgesfairfaxcounty.com

http://www.canweconnectthedots.com         (Best reference)
http://www.tucsonva.com                (How big and protected are they?)